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My first LJ layout! It's the layout I currently have. (:

1. Copy the code in the text box below by clicking in it-->press command-a (ctrl-a on Windows)-->press command-c (ctrl-c on Windows).
2. Change your journal theme. While in home of LiveJournal, hover over Profile and click Customize Journal Style. Click "Select a different theme". Search Smooth Sailing and press Apply Theme to any. Go down to number 3 and click Vertical for ad placement. Select 2 Column (sidebar on left). Click Customize Selected Theme. Press Save Changes.
3. Under Additional Options select "Hide User's Icon" for Header Journal Icon. Press Save Changes.
4. Click Sidebar. Select hide for Profile Position. Press Save Changes.
5. Click Custom CSS. Select no for the two "use layout's stylesheet.." Click in the Custom Stylesheet text box and press command-v (ctrl-v on Windows). Press Save Changes.

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