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 My oh my.  I am getting back into my old ways (reading and witchcraft).  It always comes around in the summer, even though I absolutely HATE summer.  It's probably because I don't have homework and such so it gives me more time to do it.  I've performed a hex against two people on my bus who made my life miserable all in ONE day.  They really deserved it, and when I say that I mean they REALLY deserved it.  

I'm currently reading The DaVinci Code.  It's very interesting so far.  :]   
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..I listen to the smooth, chill-out sounds of jazz.  Specifically I listen to Alone Together by Brad Mehldau.  Smooth jazz gives me a sense of warmth but at the same time it brings tears to my eyes, why, I do not know.  I fear for more jading about the days as it grows closer to Samhain and the air becomes chilly.  This is a time of mere happiness for my heart, but as others insist on taunting the life of an innocent being, I will never be happy.  My heart grew cold and my words became bitter among the days. 

I did intend on being one of the three fates a while back for Samhain (Halloween), but I changed my mind.  I am going to buy more masquerade masks (venetian replicas) at the Halloween store.  Spirit doesn't carry them anymore unfortunately, but I will find them somewhere I travel to.

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I love autumn, it's my favorite season.  I'm a winter child so the cold air satisfies me.  I love when the leaves start to fall and the streets are filled with them.  It's a grand sight and fills me with joy.  I'm probably going to do something witchy today.  Fall really gets me in the mood.

~ Andy

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